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Smart Technology for Safer Roadways

The magic is in the “mesh” network.  All of  Pi-Lit® products utilize a 2.4 GHz radio communication system that, when configured as a mesh network, provides an easy to use, fool-proof system that eliminates the need for a “Master.” Each of the lamps in a string are equivalent.  They are not numbered and any lamp can be turned on first.  The network is smart enough to figure out which lamp should be number 1, then number 2, etc. Simply turn them on and they figure it out.

And we are stingy with energy.  Our products enjoy the longest battery life in the industry.  Radio communication consumes miniscule power for  milliseconds each second, and between flashes the microcomputer sleeps; the entire lamp is “off” most of the time.

Our 5 issued utility patents and 10 design patents, along with patents pending, speak to the novel aspects of Pi-Lit® technology.

There are a few other quality products on the market that sequence. One uses a Master-Slave system, the other uses infra-red light to communicate. Both suffer limitations; infra-red has limited range, may be blocked by inclement weather (fog, snow, bright sunlight on the horizon), and can only be deployed in a linear line; Master-Slave suffers dependence on the Master and need for programming each lamp’s number prior to deployment.  Only the mesh technology eliminates these drawbacks.


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