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Lightning Technologies


Global Asset Rental and Deployment (“GARD”) was founded by CEO Rex Lowe, a pioneer in the US pallet pooling market, to create The World’s Smartest Pallet™. For this purpose, GARD partnered with Lightning Technologies to engineer an innovative hybrid composite pallet for a lighter, more durable design that can match the expectations of changing, more demanding customer requirements.

The best engineered pallet in the industry is also “The World’s Smartest Pallet™”. In addition to advances in pallet design, proprietary coating, and manufacturing processes as developed by Lightning Technologies, each GARD pallet comes equipped with GARD’s state of the art Smart Tag track-and-trace technology.

Adding The World’s Smartest Pallet™ to GARD’s world class logistics and pallet pooling experience, and you have the best value solution offering the lowest system cost for the greatest combination of attributes.



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